The Hidden Face of Homelessness

When we think of homelessness we typically don’t think of children, but family homelessness is the fastest growing homeless population. Hard-working families simply can’t keep up with the cost of living and when a family becomes homeless they lose everything: family photos, furniture, pots and pans and beds and bedding.

Did you Know

  • The average age of homeless children who walk through our doors are 5 years old and younger?
  • 80% of families who enter emergency shelter are employed?
  • There are over 3,000 homeless children in Kent County?

But YOU can change this. Your gift will help homeless children have a safe place to sleep, basic needs such as diapers, formula, shoes and blankets, and help finding their families a new place to call home. Would you consider supporting families and children who are homeless in our community? Click the donate button to the right of your screen!

Family Promise has served over 3,500 children, and over 90% of our families find a place to call home!