Partners in Housing (PIH)

“It’s the greatest feeling in my heart to understand we have a place to live. The greatest feeling in my heart is right now. A hard working family, like us, never thought we would be in this situation. Knowing my daughters did not have a place to be…Thank you so much for this home. This is a blessing. It is so nice in here! Oh my goodness!” Terry

Grand Rapids has experienced tremendous economic growth over the last couple of years, but many in our community have felt the unintended consequences of this growth with the lack of affordable housing. Many hard-working families have lost their housing in Grand Rapids and have become homeless simply because they cannot afford rental costs. Family Promise’s Partners In Housing Program is our answer to the afforable housing crisis.

For as little as $7,600, Family Promise Partners In Housing is restoring manufactured homes, so they become affordable places where families can be proud to live. Through the help of amazing community volunteers, we can remodel a home in 4-6 weeks. The family is responsible for paying the lot rent, which is very afforable in Grand Rapids parks! This opportunity can take a family and their children out of homelessness and into homeownership in as little as nine months, and because families own their home they are building equity; a proven strategy to move people out of poverty!

There’s nothing like seeing the joy on a child’s face when they move into a home and realize they won’t have to change schools and make new friends again. Homeownership gives parents peace of mind knowing their children will grow up in a stable, safe and healthy home.

There are so many ways for you, your family, your church and your organization to help families through Family Promise-Partners in Housing. We depend on the generosity of volunteers and donors to keep our mission alive. Whatever way you can help, big or small, makes a difference in the lives of the children and parents we help.

To help families facing a housing crisis, please consider making a financial gift to Family Promise.

Click here for a Partners in Housing Brochure!