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WELCOME HOME: Walking with our Families

“You not only helped me find a place to live, but put me in a position I had always wanted…to attend college.” Courtney

Our Welcome Home program focuses on helping families who have recently moved into their homes. Our goal is to help them re-engage in the community and become more self-sufficient. For up to nine months we walk alongside families in the comfort of their own home by helping them create and accomplish goals for employment, education, transportation, health and community engagement. Building a strong foundation for each family is vital and helps to ensure they stay in stable housing while increasing their independence.

The program will support families in the following ways:

  • Case management (referrals, service coordination, goal identification)
  • Employment Training / Placement
  • Financial Counseling / Coaching
  • In-kind assistance (diapers, food, cleaning supplies, blankets)
  • Counseling