Anti-Racism Statement

FPGR is an anti-racist organization that takes a firm stance with black people, and this community​, ​as we seek justice for the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and too many others. We know, from the work we have been doing for 2​3​ years, that black communities have been discriminated against in more ways than one: ​through ​housing discrimination, employment practices​, the justice system, ​a​nd violence​ by law enforcement​. These systems must be rebuilt​ to achieve the racial equity and justice for those oppressed by them.

Change ​must happen. ​

Real change starts within. F​or the past decade, the Board of Directors and staff at Family Promise of Grand Rapids have been on a journey to become more inclusive, diverse, and provide equity in all we do. ​We are committed to continuing this work as the top priority for our organization​. ​Our partnership with Inclusive Performance Strategies ​exists ​to ensure our policies, procedures and culture are ​inclusive, ​anti-racist​, and will bring equity to all in our community. ​ ​

Change must happen​.

​Our mission of ending homelessness for families and children requires us to speak out​​ against ​the ​systemic ​racism found in all systems, but especially housing. ​We must speak and not be silent, for silence is complicity. ​​ There is no space in between. It requires us to listen, seek equity, demand justice, and take action to fight racism. Our children ​and families ​are counting on us to leave this world a better place. ​

​​Change must happen. ​

​Let’s get to work.